RHOMISOFT emerges as an IT firm aiming at providing business solutions with technology to solve societal and cooperate problems keeping the user in mind and a touch of professionalism.


Our Team

Our able team constitutes people with the right skill set and adequately informed on our services who give their all to the business and our clients

• Focused and result driven: our team is made up of members who are focused on the aim and target. With an aim and target before us, we are keen on seeing the desired and planned results at the end of each project.

• Risk taking: Risk taking is one quality necessary in every organization. Our team strategically takes risks all to the growth of the business and our clients.

• Organized: All our projects are carefully organized in order to meet timelines and ensure that every bit of the project is complete.

• Realistic: With our time frames, abilities and expertise we remain realistic and true which makes us an honest team to work with.

• Competence: That is our hallmark as we desire to keep our credibility.

Our Reliability

We are insistent on providing our clients with relentless level of reliability. Rhomisoft Technology sees her credibility and reliability as its true brand virtue so we work proactively to prevent problems even before they occur. You can surely trust us!

Our domains and hosts are purchased form credible sources so as to ensure that your website and its resources are kept secure.

The Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre(GMIC) has supervisory control over Rhomisoft Technology, ensuring that we work the right way.

The testimonials from our happy and satisfied clients as well as the projects we undertook for them tell of our reliability.

Rhomisoft Technology works with an organized structure which ensures that all due processes of each project is undertaken accurately and efficiently.


Why Choose Us